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What we do?

We bring together teachers, qualified educationalists and professionals to improve the education of disadvantaged school age children.

We are particularly focused upon displaced children caught up in the international refugee crisis and the urgent need to get them back into education. 

We are engaged in the following activities:

  • we set up and staffing Emergency Education Centres. 

  • we provide educational advice, guidance and support to groups and individuals working with children, as well as support with independent monitoring and evaluation of educational projects

  • we provide teacher training and professional development for educationalists, as well as networking teachers seeking professional dialogue on the issues which we are working on

  • we carry out practical classroom based research and develop educational materials which are designed and field tested specifically for Emergency Education contexts.

Why we work in global education

…education is the most vital input…Better education leads to greater

prosperity, improved agriculture, better health outcomes, less violence,

more gender equality, higher social capital and an improved natural environment…” UNESCO, Education for People and Planet, 2016, p.ii

As education has one of the biggest impacts on improving all other community outcomes, the UN has committed itself to Sustainable Development Goal 4, which aims to ensure that all children across the world will be able to receive a free education by 2030. UNESCO reports that current International efforts are inadequate to achieve this aim and that it will be 2084 before the world is able to educate its children.

International Conflict is leading to unprecedented numbers of refugees and displaced peoples. In 2015 there were more than 65 million displaced people (UNHCR). Approximately a half of displaced primary age children are re-engaged into education, but only around one fifth of displaced secondary age pupils are typically able to access education (Columbia University Study). 


At the current time barely 2% of International Aid is committed to Education. Funding in 2016 was actually lower than it was in 2009 (UNESCO). We believe that more can and should be done. So we are leading by example.


For further Information:

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Who are we? 

"But I’ve always felt that when you find a problem, you should do what you can to put the problem right. Edmund Burke once said that all it takes for evil to triumph in situations is for good people to do nothing."


CEO of Edlumino Dr Rory Fox to Daniel Howden, Refugees Deeply 10th August 2016

Rory is CEO of edu-charity Edlumino Education Aid, currently working in refugee camps globally to provide qualified teachers for refugee children. Rory is an educationalist who has been in educational leadership for over 25 years. During his career he has worked extensively in teacher training, curriculum design, opening schools and improving failing ones. He has led education initiatives in prison, private and state schools, most recently as an executive headteacher. 

Edlumino teachers come from all over the world. Some are in their first years of teaching, some have retired and have a wealth of experience to share. All are united in the knowledge that education changes lives.


Our Governance 

  • Edlumino is a charity (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) under UK law since March 2016.

  • We are regulated by The Charity Commission, registration number 1166131

  • Charities are governed by Articles of Association which must be approved by the Charity Commission. Our Articles of Association are called the Edlumino Constitution (See below for pdf). 

  • Edlumino has a Board of Trustees who are responsible for the organisation. Under UK Law, charities must also have Members. Edlumino has a simple governance structure in which the Trustees are the Members, so that there is full transparency and so that responsibilities are shared equally.  

  • Trustees uphold the Seven Principles of Public Life and commit themselves to the Edlumino Values 

Edlumino Constitution

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