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 Kurdistan, Iraq

Kurdistan Camps Project

This project runs from October 2017 and involves Edlumino opening an education centre in one of the camps for refugees and IDPs (Internally displaced people) in Iraq. We plan to open a centre which will provide Emergency Education for several hundred children who are currently unable to access education.

The large numbers of needy children mean that teachers will be teaching groups of children in multiple shifts each day. The curriculum will focus on English, Maths and Science initially, and will be extended as resources allow.

We are not publishing any further information which could identify the camp which we will be based in.

Kurdistan Urban Summer Project

This project takes place during the summer months of 2017. It consists of providing support with language teaching and examination preparation for students in urban settings.

Kurdistan Urban Communities Project

During the next academic year Edlumino are providing support to schools in Kurdistan urban settings. In particular, Edlumino will be providing professional support to teachers placed in Urban schools as part of the Kurdistan Urban Sustainable Communities Project, which is organised by the Von Hugel Institute based at the University of Cambridge


This project is due to run from Sept 2017 and further information will be updated as it becomes available.

 Edlumino UK


This is a UK based project to support teenage asylum seeking and refugee status children in the UK. The children attend schools but when they start learning English at the same time as starting to do public examination courses such as GCSE and A level, it is extremely difficult for the children to learn English fast enough in order to do themselves justice in public exams. This means that pupils are being entered for far fewer exams than they would otherwise be capable of.

We have been asked by several refugee supporting charities around the UK whether it is possible to provide additional tutoring to these highly vulnerable teenagers and support where we can.


This is a small project which we support by passing on potential volunteers who are unable to support us abroad but would still like to support disadvantaged children in the UK.

Women fleeing domestic violence sometimes need to flee their home and local area at short notice. If they flee with children, it is not always straightforward for the children to continue their education immediately in a mainstream school setting. This can mean that already disadvantaged children are at risk of falling even further behind in their education. Volunteer teachers can therefore provide an important short term ‘stop gap’ support until more formal education can be arranged.

We do not publish information about this project as doing so could lead to the identification of refuge locations or those seeking refuge.

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