Vaquero Premium Quality Meats

Vaquero Meat and Provisions is an exclusive supplier to the Premiums and Incentives industry. This means that we work through a network of Authorized Distributors, instead of selling directly to consumers.

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USDA Choice Filet

When you simply want the most tender steak available, then the Vaquero Filet is absolutely your best bet. Put your knife aside— just your fork will do read it. Vaquero’s Filets are slowly aged at just the right temperature, creating a delicious, buttery steak that is as pleasing and tender as a steak can be. Our Filets are aged, hand trimmed.


Filet Mignon
New York Strip

USDA Choice New York Strip

When you’re looking for the classic “hot off the grill” steaks, then Vaquero’s New York Strips are for you. These boneless cuts are exquisitely marbled and aged to perfection to create that hearty New York Strip flavor. Our N.Y. Strips are aged, hand trimmed.


USDA Choice Center-Cut Sirloin

For those that want an incredible steak experience while remaining diet conscious, Vaquero’s Center-Cut Sirloins certainly fit the bill. Noted for their exceptional flavor, our Top Sirloins are cut from the center of the sirloin and are aged to lock in tenderness. Our sirloins are aged, hand trimmed and.

Top Sirloin
Pork Chop

Pork Chop

Nothing says homestyle tradition like the Bone-in Pork Chop. Served hot off the grill, apple-stuffed and baked, or floured and fried in a #10 cast iron skillet, these half-pound chops will make you proud. For a lean, delicious alternative to our premium steaks, Vaquero’s Bone-in Pork Chop remains a versatile favorite.


USDA Choice & USDA Prime Rib-Eyes

It’s the marbling that makes Vaquero’s Rib-Eye one of our most succulent cuts. Carved from the same section that produces prime rib, the ribeye bastes in its own juices as it cooks. This produces the luscious tenderness and bountiful flavor that the rib-eye is known for. These beauties are now available in both USDA Choice and USDA Prime.

Rib Eye
Tenderloin Roast

USDA Choice Beef Tenderloin Roast

Vaquero’s USDA Choice Tenderloin Roast makes the perfect centerpiece for any celebration. This magnificent roast averages four pounds, and is the most distinguished, succulent choice on our entire menu.


USDA Choice Porterhouse

Vaquero’s Porterhouse is the clear choice when “Bigger is Better.” The Porterhouse is actually two steaks in one: our Filet Mignon and our N.Y. Strip, separated by a bone that adds substantial flavor. Our Porterhouses aged, hand trimmed and.

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